Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Product development is not the end, ensure constant quality assurance to provide superior performance.

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Reduce the cost of mistakes

Today it is crucial for business to get fast updates for live environments with least amounts of defects. Huge teams of manual QA engineers are expensive and provide quite a drag when moving forward fast. Most of the tasks that quality assurance teams are doing are repetitive and, since done by the people, are error prone. This is where computers come in for a help. After introduction of test automation it is possible to reduce the QA operational costs by 60% and get most of bugs caught on regular night sweep, getting a list of imperfections by new day start so development team can react quickly.

Here at Semicolon Lab Test Automation is one of our main expertise and we can help you to build the right plan and implement it.

Web UI Testing

Ensure that your digital presence has flawless experience, every time when you update your site.

Mobile testing

With number of apps currently on the market wins the one which is flawless.

Desktop testing

Desktop application have always felt rock solid, test automation will ensure that your app is attune with that expectation.

Web API Testing

Help your development teams to ensure accessibility of services without expensive manual checks.

Performance and Load testing

Ensure you can deliver your perfect user experience no matter how many customers will visit your site.

Security Testing

Run automated security checks every time new code deploys!

List of technologies

Browser Stack
Report Portal
Robot Framework
Sikuli X
Test Complete

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