Data Science & Data Engineering

Data Science & Data Engineering

Analyse, process and leverage your data for better business decisions and future strategies.

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Convert your data into knowledge

Data Science is among the most demanding skills in the modern world. Organizations change vector of development and want to become more and more data driven, but many are struggling due to of skilled professionals. Semicolon Lab has a good track of successfully delivered Data Science and Data Engineering projects. We provide high quality consulting and top Data professionals to ensure best possible results for you. We will help you to define or refine your data storage and analytics strategy to ensure you stay competitive in the modern data driven world.

Statistical Data Analysis

Conduct data collection, interpretation and validation. Apply statistical methods for quantitative data research to get deeper insights on business operations.

Machine Learning

Construct custom algorithms that can learn from and make predictions based on your data. Use Machine Learning in areas where it’s hard or infeasible to explicitly program algorithms or where you can substantially cut manual or routine work and save precious time and resources.

Deep Learning

Leverage recent breakthroughs in Neural Networks architectures and high performance computing and GPU computing to solve previously challenging tasks like Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision.

Data Infrastructure Engineering

Create scalable batch or real time data collection and processing infrastructure in cloud or on-premise to manage evergrowing amount of data in the modern world. Ensure your competitive advantage with infrastructure that gives you ability to extract insights from data in shortest possible time.

Data processing and analytics pipelines

Create robust data collection and processing pipelines using modern frameworks and technologies. Ensure stable delivery and processing of vital data to your daily operations and growth.

Cloud solutions for data processing

Use scalable high performance solutions from major industry leaders like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and reduce upstart of your data processing and analytics.

List of technologies

Apache Airflow
Apache HBase
Apache Kafka
Apache Cassandra
Apache Hadoop
Apache Hive
The Neo4j Graph Platform
Apache Oozie
Pivotal Greenplum
Apache Spark
Apache Storm

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